Engr. Solomon Joseph, was born in 1960 in the Republic of Lebanon. Having obtained his School Level Business from Fraire in Northern Lebanon, he attended St. Joseph DE Beyrout University, Lebanon and obtained a degree in Business Administration. He started work in Bonjus Agricultural Construction in Beirut and served the company until 1989, when he became the head Of Consumer goods.

Joseph has served with Daewoo Construction company on many capacities as a consultant and CCECC. He relocated to Nigeria to consult for many companies in the areas of Agricultural farming, aquaculture, construction, building and road renovation.

Having served as the Director of Projects in Glitz Fisheries Limited Joseph started the restructuring of Glitz Farms using fishing vessel monitoring system (VMS) a programme of fisheries surveillance, in which equipment that is installed on fishing vessels provides information about the vessels' position and activity. This option was brought to bear and different from traditional monitoring methods, such as using surface and aerial patrols, on-hoard observers, logbooks or dockside interviews, hence giving the company an edge over the activities of fishing within the coastal waters of Nigeria.